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Design-Diff-big dot

big dot - Straight to the dot

This hydro-embossed design enlarges the surface for more efficient cleaning. A gentle helper; particularly in cosmetics. When combined with other embossed motifs, a whole new world of design opportunities opens up.


bio textile by sandler – Intriguingly green

An embossed design synonymous with sustainability. Made totally from the renewable and fully biodegradable resource viscose, this material above all offers excellent absorbency.


sea dwellers® – Under the sea


This newly developed design for babycare wipes takes the young ones into the underwater world: seahorses, fish, turtles and clams make daily care so much more enjoyable.

Design-Diff-sawatex Mariquita

sawatex mariquita® – Incredibly lively

These cute ladybugs also scuttle across the nonwoven substrate as an embossed motif—even richer in detail due to the thermal embossing. Discover this design for your application.


perforated – Effectiveness through structure

This embossed structure will increase the surface of your product for an even higher cleaning efficiency.


square – Clean? Practical? Square!

This hydro-embossed motif for cleaning applications and babycare optimises dirt removal and lends your wipe substrate a softer, fluffier feel. Our new design will win you over - fair and square.

Wipes applications
wipes application

Wipes applications

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