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Tobias Baumgaertel, Sales Director US

Tobias-Baumgaertel - President

“Because nonwovens are incredibly versatile, variations of this material are rapidly spreading across numerous industries and applications. Nonwovens can be produced to keep babies comfortable, protect vehicles from road debris, supply excellent acoustics in office buildings, or even provide a hygienic resource for wound protection. The utilization capabilities for nonwoven materials are seemingly endless, and extensive research and development activities cause this list to continuously grow.  As markets evolve and become more environmentally conscious, Sandler can potentially offer the additional benefit of recyclability and biodegradability.

Collaborate with Sandler to develop a nonwoven that can unlock unlimited potential for your company. Together, we can continue Discovering the Fascination with Nonwovens.  "


Hygiene applications


Technical Applications

Technical applications
Wipes applications
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