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Sandler AG headquater


Dr-Sandler - President & CEO

Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler,

President & CEO

”Formed and shaped by the Sandler family and operated by our staff. For 140 years, we have been strongly linked to entrepreneurship – regionally rooted but globally active. At our company head quarters in the heart of Europe, we implement ideas and new developments quickly, and have a flexible approach to dealing with client needs. These are the trademarks that continue to make Sandler a potent partner. In close collaboration with our customers we enhance their market prospects by pioneering products. To support this we continually invest in state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing equipment, to create a wide range of nonwovens for the most diverse applications. Our development resources are solidly financed and by remaining independent, we are able to react quickly to change.”


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Family-owned and operated company

Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler (CEO)
Dipl. Oec Philipp Ebbinghaus
Dr. Ulrich Hornfeck

322 million euros


> 60%

Construction/Engineering, Filtration, Home Textiles, Hygiene,Transportation, Wipes

More information about the history, quality and values, as well as certifications and technologies of Sandler can be found on the website of Sandler AG.

quality and value Sandler

More information about the entire product range and the market areas of Sandler can be found on the website of Sandler AG.

Competence in nonwovens
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