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Less is Best to Nature — true to this motto, Sandler wipe substrates combine efficiency and a textile feel even at low basis weights. Less raw material input, creating less waste and preserving valuable resources.

  sawatex FineLace® 

  • hydroentangled wipe substrates

  • basis weights: less than 40 g/m2

  • cost-effective owing to lower basis weights

  • higher thickness at lower basis weight

  • high opacity

  • homogenous

  • registered trademark



In addition for high level natural cleaning, we are increasingly fiber utilising natural raw materials. Rayon, cotton, or PLA, a polymer based on lactic acid; today accounting for about one fourth of our raw materials. Join us in making sustainability a part of our daily life!


​​bio textile by sandler® – Certifiably natural

Ecologically sound—in the eyes of most consumers this is no longer just an added value, but a major factor influencing the buying decision. All the more reason why Sandler has developed a new generation of nonwoven substrates: In cooperation with raw material supplier Lenzing AG, bio textile by sandler®  was developed—an innovative wipe substrate, made of 100 % Lenzing rayon fibres. These fibres are manufactured from PEFC™-certified wood of European origin and are fully biodegradable. In support of sustainable forestry and a reduction of CO2-emissions. bio textile by sandler® is a perfect combination of eco-friendliness and effectiveness. Even at low basis weights this material is exceptionally absorbent and soft. A specially designed embossed motif emphasises the concept of sustainability and cleanliness. In 2013, Sandler received the IDEA Achievement Award in the Raw Materials category for this sustainable new product.

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