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Technical applications


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Home Textiles
Fitration Anker

Clean air is one of our greatest assets. Ever growing requirements towards air purity, in industrial and domestic applications alike, put increasingly high demands on filter media. This is where Sandler filtration nonwovens come in. Highly efficient, durable and featuring a large inner surface that supports mechanical deposition effects, they cover a uniquely comprehensive range of applications: for climate filtration, air and fuel filtration in the automobile, for synthetic vacuum cleaner bags and for filtration in industrial appliances.


Products HVAC Pocket

HVAC Pocket filter media

Products HVAC Pleatable

HVAC Pleatable filter media 

Products HVAC Mat Filter

HVAC Mat filter media

Products Home Care Filter
Products Transportation Air
Products Transportation Liquid

Home Care filter media

Transportation Air filter media

Transportation Liquid filter media

Products Ceiling Paint-stop Filter
Products Liquid Filter

Ceiling-& Paint-stop filter media

Liquid filter media

Construction engineering
Products Industrial Liners

Industrial liners

Products Environmental applications

Enviromental applications

Products Office design & Interior acoustics

Office design & Interior acousics

Products Technical Insulation

Technical insulation

Products Construction



Did you ever work with conventional insulation materials in practice? Then you are likely to have experienced it: Whilst the insulation may perform well, the material is often uncomfortable to work with and causes skin-irritation. More than enough reason for us to develop a textile alternative, a polyester insulation nonwoven for increased ease in use. First tests on actual construction sites confirmed how easy-to-handle and non-itching these materials actually are. Insulating roof or walls has never been more pleasant. Specialists are excited about the excellent insulation and durability provided by these nonwovens. But that is not all: in construction, in technical insulation or even in sound proofing—these textiles also contribute to preserving the environment and valuable resources.  
To a large extent, the nonwovens are made from fibres derived from recycled PET bottles. Even after decades of use, these single-polymer materials can easily be reprocessed and allocated to a new application. Our wide range of products also comprises nonwovens for other industry sectors.

Transportation Anker

Nonwovens for the automotive industry need to meet numerous, highly diverse requirements. As a manufacturer of roll-goods and panels, Sandler supplies the foundations for the processing of your choice: Acoustic absorbers applied in interior or exterior applications, acoustically efficient 3D-mouldings or seat components—Sandler nonwovens are already being utilised in more than 50 car models worldwide.


Products Engine Compartment & exterior applications

Engine compartment & Exterior applications

Products Seat


Products Interior Applications

Interior applications

Products Moulded Parts

Moulded parts

Products Processing Aids & protective nonwovens

Processing aids & Protective nonwovens

Home Textiles Anker
Home Textiles
Products Upholstery & Outdoor furniture

Upholstery & Outdoor furniture

Products Fashion


Products Mattresses & Bedding

Matresses & Bedding


Enjoying the comfort of your living room after a hard day at work, or sleeping soundly at night to replenish your energy: Sandler nonwovens help provide this feel-good factor. Applied in firmly upholstered seating furniture or in a casual lounge sofa: Sandler nonwovens commend themselves to all these uses. Quilted nonwovens for bedding render the mattress cover cosy and soft for a restful night. In outdoor clothing, Sandler nonwovens are applied as smooth linings, also increasing the comfort in use. We offer the right material for every application, developed with decades of experience. It goes without saying that Sandler upholstery nonwovens are certified according to Oeko-Tex® standard 100.

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